Jul. 25th, 2008

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This has become a strange tradition for me - the friends cut before going back to school.

This was my method this time: I went through my entries from today back to April 25. Those who did not comment three or more times were cut. Don't misunderstand: This is not actually about the numbers, because I am terrible at commenting, but three monts' time seemed a good perimeter for figuring out who was interested in my entries.

Exceptions were made for those recently added, as well as people I talk to outside of LiveJournal.

Excepts can easily be made for all those who wanted to be re-added.

It's nothing personal. In fact, it's the opposite: I want a slimmer friendslist so that I can pay more attention to the friends I do have. There are some of you who comment regularly on my entries and I don't return the favor.

Alternatively, you can remove me now if you like, and I'll do the same.

If you've been cut and do not want to be re-added, please remove me. I am VERY OCD. I like the numbers I can see (Friends/Friends Of) to match.
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