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Friends Only.

Friends Only.
(Comment to be added.)

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Hey, I tried to message you back after you messaged asking about affiliating, but LJ said your privacy settings wouldn't allow it. Here's what it said:

"Of course! I'll add you to our profile as an affiliate. If you could send me a quick write up of what you'd like to say in the advertisement, I'd like to post myself that we've become affiliated with you and would like to just include your write up with that, keep everything neat and all. :)"

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Huh, I didn't realize my settings were like that! Thank you!

Great! We've added you to our profile!

Here's the write-up you can post:

[ profile] bbt_eclectic is your home for all het, slash, and gen fan fiction and fan art for CBS' The Big Bang Theory. We are here to give a place for all fan fiction and fan art creations related to The Big Bang Theory to come together and be shared by all of us, its fans.

Thanks again! :)