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Because Jensen and Beth are still out of town, Nick and I are hanging out at their house so we can look after their rabbit and one of their cats. We're watching TV, and I'm tagging more entries.

I came across another entry about Jake/Peyton from One Tree Hill and found my comments from my entry about "Everyday is a Sunday Evening," an episode from the third season: Jenny called Peyton “mama”! You would think, after spending so many consistent months with Nikki that Jenny wouldn’t do that – but she did! She called Peyton “mama”! I wonder if Peyton will tell Jake.

I had forgotten about this, but OH, MY, GOD, I love them. Really and truly I do.

So I'm now downloading the episode, as well as the one before it, and might consider downloading the episode after it, even though Jake/Peyton crashes in that episode.