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Because Jensen and Beth are still out of town, Nick and I are hanging out at their house so we can look after their rabbit and one of their cats. We're watching TV, and I'm tagging more entries.

I came across another entry about Jake/Peyton from One Tree Hill and found my comments from my entry about "Everyday is a Sunday Evening," an episode from the third season: Jenny called Peyton “mama”! You would think, after spending so many consistent months with Nikki that Jenny wouldn’t do that – but she did! She called Peyton “mama”! I wonder if Peyton will tell Jake.

I had forgotten about this, but OH, MY, GOD, I love them. Really and truly I do.

So I'm now downloading the episode, as well as the one before it, and might consider downloading the episode after it, even though Jake/Peyton crashes in that episode.
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This has become a strange tradition for me - the friends cut before going back to school.

This was my method this time: I went through my entries from today back to April 25. Those who did not comment three or more times were cut. Don't misunderstand: This is not actually about the numbers, because I am terrible at commenting, but three monts' time seemed a good perimeter for figuring out who was interested in my entries.

Exceptions were made for those recently added, as well as people I talk to outside of LiveJournal.

Excepts can easily be made for all those who wanted to be re-added.

It's nothing personal. In fact, it's the opposite: I want a slimmer friendslist so that I can pay more attention to the friends I do have. There are some of you who comment regularly on my entries and I don't return the favor.

Alternatively, you can remove me now if you like, and I'll do the same.

If you've been cut and do not want to be re-added, please remove me. I am VERY OCD. I like the numbers I can see (Friends/Friends Of) to match.
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Concerning last night's finale.

[Poll #1218758]

Entry is temporarily public. Go to tell your friends!
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So Harry Potter is not about the ships. But that doesn’t actually stop anyone from flailing over their favourite pairings, so I thought I might as well do so. Because I can.

So (thanks to various lists and the book being online so I don't need to type everything), I’ve compiled most (if not all) of the Ron/Hermione (supportive of the pairing, whether both were present or not) moments from Deathly Hallows. It’s been fun, so I might have to do the same with the previous six books!

Complete with art by [ profile] corkart & [ profile] clickart!

Deathly Hallows: Ron and Hermione )

EDIT: A few notes.

1. When I first posted this entry, the art I posted by [ profile] corkart was actually altered by me. I had changed the colors and had unwittingly saved (and then uploaded) that edited versions. The originals are posted now. If you saved what I posted before (as well you should, because she is clearly brilliant), please delete and save again! Apologies, once again, to her.

2. If you’re looking for icons highlighting some of these moments (particularly the more romantic/tender moments), I whole-heartedly recommend [ profile] herm_weasley’s set here. They’re wonderful! (You’ll have to join to see them.)
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